Vijaya Dashami Speech of RSS Sarsanghachalak Ma. Mohanji Bhagwat

செய்திகள் விழாக்கள் விசேஷங்கள்


.0pt; font-family:">Festival of Vijaya Dashami is celebrated in our country with great gaiety and enthusiasm from time immemorial as a day of victory of the “Dharma” i.e. virtue, service and righteousness. This year the festival comes at a time when the entire nation is heartened by the court verdict on the Ram Janm Bhumi issue delivered on 30 September 2010. This verdict of the Lakhnau bench of the Allahabad High court will ultimately facilitate the creation of a monumental temple on the Ram janmabhoomi. Maryada Purushottam Ram is the manifest divine for the Hindus all over the world. At the same time He is also the manifestation of our national culture and it’s honour that is at the core of our country’s identity, ethos, integrity, urge for freedom and vigour. That is why in the first copy of our Constitution among the pictures attested as discription for the events that reflect our ideals, aspirations and traditions, the first individual picture that finds place after the pictures of Mohenjadaro and the life in a hermitage is that of Sri Ram. History of the Sikh Panth clearly records Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji’s visit to Sri Ram Janmabhoomi at Ayodhya in 1526 A.D. during his all Bharat tour. Now it has been acknowledged on the basis of historical, archaeological and physical evidence that there existed a sacred Hindu monument at the site of Sri Ram Janm Bhumi prior to 1528 AD.

A chance ordained by destiny

The legal proceeding of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi was streched for 60 long years, and it has led to acrimonious disharmony, severe conflict and pain in the entire society. Forgetting the past all of us have to come together to build a massive temple at his birth place in Ayodhya for Maryada Purushottam Sriram who represents our national heritage and honour. That would put an end to all the pain and uncalled for controversy. The Sangh views the verdict as an opportunity presented by the destiny to every section in our country including the Muslims to make a new beginning in the spirit of affectionate coexistence. Let us overcome our petty divisiveness, obduracy borne out of prejudices and suspicion; own up our unique, one and only, all-inclusive and tolerant culture that inspires in us unwavering and intense sense of patriotism and respect for our ancestors, and preserves, promotes and validates all the diversities; and come together to build the temple at the birth place of Sriram who is, in the words of Late Sri Lohia, the catalyst for the integration of the North and the South of Bharat. This is the will of the entire society. This will has manifested amply in the unity and restraint displayed by our society after the verdict.

Be aware of conspirators

But we also witness efforts being launched from day one to distort this opportunity for national integration into an instrument for achieving political self-interest by appeasement. Some people, who have mastered the art of creating conflicts on the basis of our diversity like religion, region and language for the sake of securing votes, are again resorting to petty conspiracies to destroy our social harmony in the guise of lofty yet misleading utterances and clamour in the name of secularism. They always create impediments in any efforts and initiatives for harmony. There are a few people in our intelligentsia and the media also who, overcome by their egoistic feeling towards their own illusive thought and by their prejudices against Hindu thought and activism in favor of Hindus , have shamefully abandoned all concern and fear for truth. Sole guiding factor for them is their self-interest or business interest. One can easily identify them by studying the difference in their language and behavior until 4 PM on 30 September and ever since the verdict was announced. Their attempts to create fear and mistrust between various sections and organizations of our society always take place in the guise of weird arguments in the name of humanity and secularism. We must always be wary of these forces. In fact these are the people who are responsible for not allowing hoary ideals like universal brotherhood, harmony and freedom from exploitation etc to blossom by resorting to the use of those very ideals for achieving their own self-interests and evil objectives.

Now it is evident that due to these very tendencies a dangerous conspiracy is afoot to bring into vogue words like Hindu Terror and Saffron Terror under the pretext that some Hindu individuals, were allegedly involved in incidents of terror here and there. There are attempts to drag Sangh also into it. This is a sinister conspiracy to mislead Hindus through a campaign of lies and to defame Hindu saints, noble citizens, temples and organizations. We have not bothered to find out as to who is behind all this and who is going to be the beneficiary of this vilification campaign. But what is certain is that in stead of benefitting anybody this campaign would certainly bring disrepute to our nation and push it into serious danger.

This sinister campaign — to defame the saffron colour that adorns our constitutionally-ordained national flag representing sacrifice, hard work and wisdom; the Hindu society, it’s saints and Sadhwis who always stay away from such militant activities and fight the forces of terror; our country Bharat; the Swayamsevaks and the Sangh-inspired organisations that are always at the forefront helping the administration risking their own lives at the time of natural calamities as well as man-made disasters like terror attacks and wars, and who are running 1.57 Lakh service projects for the deprived sections without any self-interest or discrimination — is bound to fail. Before the judicial trial had even commenced the media trial has been unleashed against the Sangh by spreading canards. Those who are indulging in this malicious campaign should first glance at their own defaced self. This is not the time to push the country into depraving electoral conspiracies.

Game of international politics in Kashmir

The crisis in Kashmir has become very serious and complicated. Due to our negligence Baltisthan and Gilgit have become a part of Pakistan and now China is trying to complete it’s encirclement of Bharat by positioning it’s army in those regions. America is moving with a design to safely and honourably run away from Afghanistan and secure foothold in Kashmir with the help of Pakistan. We should move fast before this shadow of sinister international politics overtakes the Valley. We have to create atmosphere in Afghanistan favourable to our interests and strive to turn the situation in the Valley towards greater integration with the rest of Bharat. This is the mandated duty of any national government towards it’s integral parts. SovereignState power of Bharat should not be seen as buckling under the separatist sponsored stone pelters’ designs. Removing Army bunkers or reducing their powers is not going to help in protecting the integrity and security of our country. The direction of our policies should be guided by the unanimous resolution of our Parliament in 1994. We must not forget that the accession of Kashmir into Bharat through the Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh is final and non-negotiable.

Separatists are a minority in J. & K.

KashmirValley is not the whole and sole of J&K state. Even in the Valley it is only a tiny minority which is clamouring for autonomy and dreaming of Azadi by promoting secessionism. Engaging and patronizing only these secessionist groups and their leaders in various dialogues is not going to help in resolving the crisis. In fact it will only aggravate the problem. Besides the Valley we have to think seriously about the problems being faced by Jammu and Ladakh for decades and the discrimination that they are being subjected to. We have to undoubtedly talk to the youngsters and people of the Valley who have come under the sessionist sway. But at the same it is imperative on our part to appreciate the feelings, needs and aspirations of various other sections of the state like the nationalist-minded Muslims, Gujjars-Bakrawals, Shias, Sikhs, Hindus including Kashmiri Pandits and Buddhists.

There is an urgent need to pay attention to the long-standing demands of the refugees from the PoK. The Kashmiri Pandits must be able to return to their homes and hearths with honour and safety and assured livelihood. All these sections want complete integration of the state with rest of Bharat. That is why when we think of J&K we must take into account security, development and aspirations of all these sections. The dialogues taking place in the context of J&K will be representative and fruitful only when these sections are also included and listened to.

Eversince the Independence people of J&K have been craving for peace and a good government that doesn’t discriminate. It is necessary to ensure that they soon get such a government and administration which is free from corruption and discrimination.

China – a grave challenge

China, which used to equate it’s forced occupation of Tibet with Kashmir problem to justify it’s illegitimate action, has now registered its presence in Gilgit and Baltisthan. It attempted to meddle in our internal affairs by declaring that citizens of J&K and Arunachal Pradesh needn’t ask for visas to enter China. At least now there shouldn’t be any confusion or illusion in the minds of any about the real intentions of China. It’s military, political and economic designs to encircle, pressurize and weaken Bharat are too glaring to be missed. In contrast we need to do lot more in our military, political and economic strategy; alertness of our leadership; preparation of the public mind etc. Any further delay in this matter would be tantamount to inviting grave threats to the nation in the near future.


The Naxal trouble

China has sponsored and promoted Maoist insurgency in Nepal. Maoists of our country have close links with the Maoists of Nepal. The Govenment is stuck up in internal squabbles over the question of firmly dealing with the Maoists. We don’t even see credible efforts being initiated to make the administration transparent and accountable and speeding up development activity in the Maoist-infested areas. At times even this problem is being used for achieving ulterior political benefits. It will prove costly for our national security and democracy.

Ignoring the patriots in North East

This issue is very significant in the context of our North East also. There also the separatists get all the attention and those loyal to our country are grossly ignored. It is this policy that has provided golden opportunity to the separatist terrorist outfits like the NSCN, who had lost all the public support and were almost dead, to once again raise their ugly heads of terror and separatism. Arunachal Pradesh, that withstood the Chinese’ machinations and is standing like a protective wall on our border, is today a victim of gross neglect. Patriotic people of Manipur suffered immensely from the shortage of essential commodities when blockades were imposed for long durations by the separatist forces; tired of appealing for help and finally became dejected and anguished. Don’t our leaders realise the costs of this attitude of pampering the separatist forces and neglecting our own patriotic people on our border security especially when these borders are in the shadow of the expansionist designs of China? Continued negligence towards designs and disturbances caused by foreign missionaries has further complicated the situation.

Appeasement is dangerous

On the one hand is this attitude of vacillation and lack of will power displayed by our ruling establishment and on the other hand is unmitigated influx of the Bangladeshi infiltrators from across the borders that have been left porous even after 60 years of independence. The courts as well as the intelligence agencies have repeatedly asked for detection, deletion and deportation of these infiltrators. However the experience everywhere is that our leaders at both the State and Central levels, who stoop to any low for the sake of votes, lack basic will power and courage to initiate even the first step of detecting. This infiltration is completely changing the demographic profile of the North East and the border districts of Bengal and Bihar. It has led to rise in fundamentalism there. Rowdy and antisocial elemnts have been emboldened by this and the local tribes and Hindus have become victimes of the highhandedness and atrocities of these elements. Latest example of the plight of the patriotic Hindus in this region is the murderous attack on the Hindus in Deganga in West Bengal. Neither the state government nor the central government is bothered about the sufferings of the Hindus. All that they are bothered about is their votes. The government and the policy makers have realized from several experiences That deterioration in internal law and order situation and security of Hindus in the border districts is fraught with serious implications for our border security. Yet there is no change in the situation.

One doubts whether the government is really bothered about this issue at all. The way provisions have been made in the census data collection this time for people to claim nationality without providing any proof, any illegal migrant could claim nationality here. All the citizens are going to get a Unique Identity Number soon. But where is the arrangement to verify whether those securing the Identity Number are actually the citizens of our country or not? We shouldn’t allow any such mistakes or casual approach in these policy matters.

We make tall claims about creating a society free from caste by birth identity. Then why are we making policies as part of which while conducting the census of this one nation’s one people caste data will also be collected thereby reminding people of their castes once again? Renowned scholars and social activists have appealed to the countrymen that in order to create a united and coherent society they must declare their caste as Hindu, Hindustani or Bharateeya. Why should the government, which is duty-bound to bring in emotional integration, act to the contrary and ask each citizen about his caste? The government can find another independent, temporary and limited plan to collect necessary data for the sake of it’s various schemes.

Preaching and practice

What do we claim about the future of this nation and where are we actually leading it? The common man of this country, whose economic well-being we all talk about, is a simple farmer, a small-time shop owner, a push-cart vegetable vendor or a footpath trader. He is an unorganized worker in a town or a village; he is an artisan or a tribal. But the western economic model that we follow is big businessmen-centric, village-uprooting, employment-displacing, environment-destroying, high energy-consuming and expensive. It is not centered round common man, environment, energy and investment saving, employment generating etc. On one hand we talk about education to all; on the other hand we convert education into a business and make it unaffordable for the poor. We want our education system to impart values like humanity, social responsibility, duty-consciousness and patriotism effectively in our society. But at the same time we have thrown out all those things that help inculcate these values and instead promoting books and syllabi that would only promote a race for more money, selfishness, materialism and insensitivity. At the root of this gap between our words and deeds is the gross ignorance of and total disrespect for the real identity of our nationhood, unity and our global mission coupled with our selfishness and disharmony. An alert and awakened society that is seized of ensuring proper mindset in the leaders of the nation and preventing any distortions can only salvage this situation.

Hinduness – need of the hour

The RSS has been engaged in creating individuals capable of building such a society for the last 85 years. It is now universally accepted and becoming more and more clear that Hindutva is the core identity of this ancient nation, and an imperative basis for it’s integrity and security, basis of the unity of the society and it’s vigor, and the catalyst for a lasting peace in the world.

25 years ago on the occasion of Vijayadashami from the same platform the then Sarsanghachalak Sri Balasaheb Deoras had said that secularism, socialism and democracy are still alive in our country only because this is Hindu Rashtra. Today eminent thinkers like M. J. Akbar and Rashid Alvi are also saying the same thing. Hindutva alone can awaken us to the underlying oneness in the manifest diversity around, protect and respect it and organize all that diversity in one unified thread. Let the Hindu society which is the progeny of this land internalize this comprehensive, universal welfare-oriented, non-reactionary idea of Hindutva in thought, word and deed. Let us unite and fearlessly proclaim loud and clear the honor of sacred motherland Bharat, it’s glorious history and traditions, and the eternal Hindu culture. The necessity of times makes it imperative that all of us unite. Let us get rid of selfishness and disharmony and make all out efforts for building an eminently glorious and victorious Bharat. Let us free the whole world from its problems and conduct it in the path of peace. This is the one and the only effective and decisive means to successfully overcome all the difficult challenges.

Objective of the Sangh work is to impart Hindu values and honor in every individual through daily shakha; inspire and equip him to have a clean and selfless heart and offer the entire life for the country, Dharma and culture; and build a strong and united society. Sangh has no other objective or ambition except to fulfill this mission. My humble expectation and whole hearted appeal to all of you is that you should understand this sacred mission, own it up and become a part of it.


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